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TYS Wants to Change the World. Are You In?

TYS is mid way through our second year of a five-year plan to double its revenue and add at least 15 new professionals. (We call it our 5/35/5 plan.)   And, to get there, we need to hire incredible individuals that will grow with us.  We’re not just building an accounting firm, we’re building a legacy. One that opens doors for employees and makes a difference in the lives of our clients. Interested?  If so, you must bring curiosity, initiative, and a deep ability to give a damn. We’ll provide an open, collaborative environment with the freedom to achieve results that matter. We’re always looking for great talent.  So, contact us if you think you might be our next great hire.

Job Postings

Audit Manager, Fairport NY: We’re looking for an audit manager in our Fairport, NY office.  Click here for more information.

Room to Grow

Did you know that TYS was selected to the 2010 Best Accounting Firms to Work list? Our vibrant and innovative firm attracts top talent and delivers great results.  We strive to cultivate a healthy work environment that encourages collaboration, communication and growth. If that sounds like corporate speak, then let our employees explain what it’s like working here.  They’re the real experts when it comes to TYS.

Melissa Doty, Senior Accountant, CPA Boring Accounting Firm? No Way!

“Working at TYS is a gratifying experience. We’re trained to recognize the financial clues that may reveal fundamental issues facing our clients’ businesses.  For example, maybe a client’s cost structure is out of balance. Or maybe they need a process to help collect more money up front.  Solving meaningful problems for our clients never gets boring.”

Christel Whetstone, Sr. Accountant Kitchen Commute

“We are an accounting firm that embraces change. For example, we work in a paperless office. This means I have access to my clients’ information from anywhere, anytime.  So, there are no limits on when I can help them.  Personally, this means that on some days my longest commute is from the kitchen to my home office!”

Melissa Wallace, Manager, CPA Wanted: Self Starters

“TYS employees are self starters, willing to learn new skills and technology. The culture here supports those that are willing to put in the work to pursue a new area of interest or education.  Employees are treated with respect and given opportunities to grow. If an employee is willing to put in the extra effort they will be rewarded 10 fold.”

Benefits That Actually Fit your Life

We don’t like to brag, but we do have some amazing employee benefits. That may be unusual these days, but then again, we’re an unusual kind of company.  In addition to a fully-stocked kitchen and the occasional Wii break, here are the four key areas in which we focus our benefits: 1) Salary, salary replacement and retirement benefits 2) Wellness benefits 3) Qualities of Life benefits 4) Education and training. We treat our employees equally while understanding that they are all in different stages of their personal lives and may need differing benefits.   For a full list of benefits please click here.

Future California CPAs

Anybody that soon will be graduating with an accounting degree or that is currently working on getting their CPA license knows that the rules for licensure in California have been a hot topic for quite some.  One of our partners, Glen Thomas, is on the California CPA Society Accounting Education Committee along with UC Berkeley Professor Maria Nondorf.  Professor Nondorf recently created a PowerPoint presentation which clearly presents the CA CPA licensure requirements.  If you have any confusion regarding the new rules here is a link to Professor Nondorf’s presentation which should help clarify.  Good luck to all you future CPAs.

Pathway for Accounting Students